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Treatment Division

The Treatment Division operates and maintains the treatment facilities that receive, treat, and dispose of over 62 million gallons per day (MGD) of sanitary sewage. Two major facilities handle sewage from the metropolitan Tucson area, and seven facilities serve remote areas scattered throughout sewered areas of eastern Pima County.

Roger Road Water Reclamation Facility (WRF)

The Roger Road WRF was established in 1951. It has a capacity to treat 41 MGD and serves the urban Tucson area that lies southerly of the Rillito Creek.

Illustrations showing treatment processes at the Roger Road WRF

Collage of Treatment Plants
Clockwise from upper left: clarifiers, biotowers, enclosed biofilters, covered headworks
(part of the odor control project at Roger Road)

Tres Rios Water Reclamation Facility (WRF)

The Tres Rios WRF has a current capacity of 25 MGD. Work to increase the facility's capacity to 37.5 MGD is underway; construction began in January 1998. This facility, established in 1977, serves the northern parts of the Tucson metropolitan area, Oro Valley, and a major portion of the Town of Marana.

Ina Road
Clockwise from upper left: emergency overflow basin, headworks facility, mural art created by RWRD employee, construction of the BNRAS facility in 2000.

Randolph Park Water Reclamation Facility (WRF)


Originally placed into operation in 1975, the Randolph Park WRF was temporarily removed from active service in 1995. As part of RWRD's commitment to providing safe and efficient sewage treatment to our community, a project is currently underway to replace the Randolph Park facility with a new, modern system.

Aerial view of the Randolph WRF, 2003

Outlying Facilities

Six outlying facilities serve smaller towns and rural areas of Pima County:

  • Arivaca Junction Water Reclamation Facility
  • Avra Valley Water Reclamation Facility
  • Corona de Tucson Water Reclamation Facility
  • Green Valley Water Reclamation Facility
  • Mt. Lemmon Water Reclamation Facility
  • Pima County Fairgrounds Water Reclamation Facility

Outlying Facilities
Clockwise from upper left: Mt. Lemmon WRF, Corona de Tucson WRF, Green Valley WRF, Arivaca Junction WRF

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